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Best Survival SHTF Rifles

What do I think is the best survival rifle for an “end of the world” gun? Check it out and don’t forget to let me know what you think would be the best rifle.

Steyr M40-A1 and M9-A1 Gun Review

My review on the little known high performance handgun: The Steyr M40-A1 and the Steyr M9-A1. This is my first gun review and I hope to make many more. This gun features a grip that fits like a Glove and space aged trapezoid sights. SUPER accurate! Hope you like it. Like/Share/Subscribe if you want more! […]

Build Or Buy An AR-15?

Build or Buy an AR15 Rifle? I talk about the pro’s and cons of each. I mentioned several manufacturers during the coarse of this video. To learn more about them, just google their name and check them out! I am not paid by anyone to advertise their product.

AR-15 quality – What is your money getting you?

This video goes over the basic “tiers” of AR-15 quality and which one might be right for you if you are shopping for an AR-15. Entry Level, Advanced, or Custom. DEL-TON: Diamondback: Spikes Tactical:

AK Comparison and Buyer’s Guide

What is your money getting you when you buy an AK that is $500? What about over $1000? Hopefully this guide helps! M+M INC: Century Arms: Midwest Industries:

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