The Armory is a CERTIFIED Cerakote Application Center

The armory is one of michigan's only certified cerakote application centers.


Our gunsmiths were trained directly with cerakote in Oregon. We have world class cerakote applications and a great creative eye. Our Cerakote work has even been featured online by CERAKOTE as an example of what is possible with this awesome firearms finish.




Cerakote is a firearm finish designed for professionals, and the best in the industry. The Armory is norther michigans premier Cerakote applicator and we can coat your firearms in house – not sent off for months on end.


What is Cerakote?

Cerakote is a ceramic based firearm finish for professionals. Unlike most firearm finishes, Cerakote is not simply paint sprayed on top of your gun – it’s a whole new finish. Cerakote offers unrivaled durability compared to other finishes on the market and because it is applied at 1/2 to 1 mil thickness, internal parts and working mechanisms can be coated as well. More manufacturers now use Cerakote than any other firearm finish on the market.

Why should I have my firearm Cerakoted?

Cerakote is an industry leader in firearm finishes for a reason and even top manufacturers like Colt and Sig Sauer are coating their factory new firearms with Cerakote. If you desire a firearm finish that is tough enough to stand up to:

Glock Cerakoted in Coyote tan and Patriot BrownSalt water
High humidity
Long term storage
Holster Wear
Scratches from dropping/use
Hard Use
Temperature changes
Overall wear and tear

Custom Cerakote Abrasion Test

The Abrasion resistance of Cerakote is legendary

In lab tests it vastly outperformed all of the competition.Taber Abrasion is a test using a weighted abrasive wheel that rotates at a constant speed to determine the resistance of finishes to abrasion and wear, as stated by test standard ASTM D4060.

7 competitive finishes including Cerakote™ H-146 Graphite Black were tested in accordance with ASTM D4060. Each finish was tested three separate times in order to validate the test result. Panel weights and mil thickness were measured prior to the start of each test to determine a wear rating. A 1000 gram weight was placed on a CS-17 Taber Abrasion wheels as required by ASTM testing standards for testing finishes. Panels were cycled until the Taber wheel wore through the finish to the steel substrate. Finishes that required more than 500 cycles to wear through to the substrate were stopped every 500 cycles for the Taber abrasion wheels to be cleaned. Cleaning the Taber wheels every 500 cycles is a requirement to ensure accurate results. Once the Taber wheel has breached the finish, the Taber abrader is stopped and a final weight is taken to determine the wear rating for each finish. Wear ratings are calculated by taking the weight of the test panel before abrasion and subtracting the weight of the test panel after abrasion and multiplying that by 1,000. That number is then divided by the number of cycles completed before the finish was worn through. The resulting number is the specified wear rating for that finish. Based on ASTM testing standard D4060, Cerakote™ Finished Strong by lasting nearly twice as long as the nearest competitive finish and 24 times as long as the furthest competitive finish.Chemical-Resistance of cerakoted guns

Cerakote Protects your firearm from chemicals as well. In another lab test cerakoted steel plates were submerged in various caustic liquids for 24 hours. Cerakote excelled in this test as well, with only Hydrochloric acid having ANY effect no matter how minor on the finish.



True Customization with Cerakote.

Cerakote adds the ability to personalize or camoflauge your firearm for almost any environment. With popular colors like flat dark earth (FDE), OD green, grays, blacks, and even reds, purple, and pink… you can make your firearm either pop out from the rest, or disappear from sight. For more inspiration check out the National Cerakote Gallery or our In House Cerakote Gallery.

Cerakote Pricing



  • Frame OR Slide: $99
  • Slide & Frame: $149
  • Revolver: $269
  • Add another color for $50

Tactical Rifles

  • Upper, Lower, Rail: $199
  • Complete Rifle: $279
  • AK47 types: Add $50 to project
  • Add another color for $70


  • Barreled Action: $199
  • Scope: $129 (add three extra days to estimated time)
  • Shotgun: $199 – $279
  • Add another color for $70

Standard Colors

  • Graphite Black
  • Magpul FDE
  • Magpul OD Green
  • Stormtrooper White
  • Burnt Bronze
  • Tactical Grey
  • Tungsten
  • OD Green
  • Flat Dark Earth

Disassembly / Reassembly Fees

Some items might require some complex disassembly and reassembly, in which we will charge a fee for. The fee for Gunsmithing is $65 an hour. We will charge appropriately to that.

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