Defensive Rifle and Pistol Two-Day Course

If you have a defensive rifle or are thinking about getting one this is the course for you. This is a fun and practical course intended for individuals who take life seriously. The basic-intermediate course is the “next step” in developing your confidence and effectiveness using a defensive rifle and pistol. Learn “Real World” methods in use by professionals all over the globe.

  • Saftey
  • zeroing/marksmanship fundamentals
  • Survival Psychology
  • Threat id / response
  • Advanced Shot placement
  • Various Reload Methods
  • Clearing Malfunctions
  • Multiple Targets
  • Multiple Shots
  • Movement
  • Cover Use
  • Low light methods
  • Team Response
  • Communications
  • Wounded Limb Methods
  • The basics of Weapons Retention
  • Entry/Egress Methods
  • Gear Selection

We will address reality-based scenarios and problem-solving.

A healthy assortment of the latest firearms, suppressors,  optics , and gear will be on hand for you to test. Learn what works for you and what doesn’t before you spend big money. Our students include men and women of all ages and from all walks of life ranging from responsible citizens who are concerned with self defense to LEO and military members.

Defensive Rifles – Military Style, semi-automatics with iron sights and or low power red dot type optics are preferred. Common examples: AR-15’s, AK’s,FN’s,HK’s,Mini 14’s, sig 556, Steyr AUG’s, and others. Most of this course takes place at short to medium urban defensive ranges under 100yrds. We shoot a variety of paper and reactive steel targets.

Defensive Pistols – Your duty size or ccw/ concealed pistols .38/9mm is likely a perfect choice. Bring 400 rnd of pistol ammunition (Factory loads – No Magnums), Concealment garmet, strong side proper fitting belt holster, three magazines or speed loaders, and a carrier.

Required Equipment

  • Rifle
  • Sling
  • 400 rounds of “non penetrator” Ammunition – Factory Loads Only
  • Three Magazines
  • Sight Adjustment tool
  • Cleaning kit
  • Hearing Protection
  • wrap around eye protection
  • Food
  • Water
  • Folding Chair
  • Clothing suited for any weather
  • Basic Camping first aid and sight adjustment tools are recommended.
  • LEO/Military are encouraged to use duty gear

Hosted by experienced and certified instructors that bring a diverse background to the subject – Pre registration required.


space is limited, Discount for active military/LEOs.

Pre-Course Individual Training and Certificate of Completion are included.

Call David R. Schleisman to register – 231.882.4673


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