First Generation Glock – Restored with Cerakote

This first Generation Glock was made back in the 1980′s and was designed to be a hard use pistol. The finish was worn off and it wasn’t looking very good at all. Thankfully the Armory rescued it with some Cerakote and made it brand new again! Can you tell it’s not a factory new Glock?

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  1. Aaron ShaverJuly 18, 2017 at 12:31 am #

    Hello I am looking to get rid of my smith and Wesson sd40ve lightly used still new condition I know you’ll have to look at it to get a better price but in general. Looking to possibly sell that if the price is right and get into a glock 19. I see you have this one here but no price. What would this beauty set me back? Yes I have a cpl as well. Thank you.

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